Why are my colleagues automatically joining my company team on Cloudscene?

In November 2020, we released new features and functionality on Cloudscene Marketplace (read about all the updates here) with the aim to improve the way teams collaborate when sourcing and selling network services.

If you were part of a company team on Cloudscene prior to this product release, you may have noticed changes happening to the way team members can now join your team.

If you were not part of a company team on Cloudscene prior to the product release, you may find yourself now part of your relevant team.

This is because all users now must be part of a team to use Cloudscene and will be automatically placed on a team when they sign up for an account or if they weren’t part of a team prior to the product release.

The permissions related to every team member, including their level of ability to take action on Cloudscene on behalf of their company, will be set to a low level unless otherwise indicated by a team member with ‘Team Management’ permissions. You can see the full list of permissions here.

If you have any further questions about the way teams work on Cloudscene, please feel free to contact us here.