What’s the difference between a public and private listing?

To publish a listing on Cloudscene, you first need to ensure you have a Cloudscene account. It’s free to join; click here to set up an account with us. 

Before you begin your listing, consider the level of access you would like service providers to have. There are two types of listings available to create: public and private. By default, your listing will be set to public unless you toggle ‘private’ at the bottom of the listing creation tool before you submit your listing.

  • Public – A public listing is published on Cloudscene Marketplace and viewable by anyone with a Cloudscene account. This means all available service providers can respond to and quote your listing.

    Public listings are valuable for those companies that would like the maximum amount of quotes from a variety of different service providers to fulfil their requirements and those that are unsure of which service providers to connect to.
  • Private –  A private listing is only visible to the service providers you invite to respond. This means that no other vendors have the opportunity to quote your requirements and only the suppliers you invite will see your company name.

    Private listings are valuable for those companies that want to compare offerings and pricing between a select few of their preferred suppliers without opening up their listing to all available service providers.