What happens when a service provider ‘intends to bid’ on my listing?

When sourcing on Cloudscene Marketplace, we understand that buyers value transparent communication between their organization and the vendors they are working with.

Once you have published either a public or private listing on Marketplace, the service providers you have invited to provide a quote for your requirements, and/or service providers across the open market that are interested in your listing (public listings only) can indicated that they ‘intend to bid’ on your listing.

This gives you, the buyer, an indication of the service providers that are genuinely interested in providing you with a quote and fulfilling your requirements. There may be some time between you receiving an ‘intent to bid’ and receiving a quote from a service provider – this function also works on behalf of the vendor to enable them to communicate their interest in working with you while they put a quote together for you.

This is what happens when a service provider ‘intends to bid’ on your listing:

  1. If you have alerts turned on, you’ll receive an email notification indicating a service provider’s intent to bid
  2. You can then go to My Marketplace to see this in action
  3. Click on the listing you want to view
  4. Scroll down to the bottom to view all of the service providers who are yet to/have responded to your listing
  5. You’ll see ‘Intend to bid’ beside any service provider that has indicated their intent to bid
  6. Once they have provided a bid on your listing, they will move under the Bids tab for that listing