What do the different statuses and progress stages mean for an opportunity in My Marketplace?

As you action opportunities as a service provider on Marketplace, they will move through different progress stages and be labelled with a particular to status so you can easily track and manage each opportunity in My Marketplace in your Cloudscene account.

The different statuses of an opportunity and their meanings are as follows:

  • – Opportunity: You’ve been invited and/or have intended to bid on this listing
  • – Qualified: Listing that you have bid on, and a buyer is interested.
  • – Submitted: You’ve submitted a big for this opportunity
  • – No Bid: You’ve declined/provided a ‘No Bid’ response for this opportunity
  • – No Response: You haven’t submitted a bid for this opportunity and the listing has expired/ended.
  • – Unsuccessful: Listing that you have bid on, and the buyers have passed on.

The different progress stages of an opportunity and their meanings are as follows:

  • – Opportunities: Listings you’ve intended to bid on or been invited to
  • – Pending Buyer Decision: Opportunities for which you’ve submitted a bid and the listing has not yet expired/ended or the buyer is yet to choose a successful vendor

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