What are the differences in team roles and permissions on Cloudscene?

When you sign up for a Cloudscene account, you’ll be matched with a company team and placed on this team (or asked to create a company team if it doesn’t already exist on Cloudscene). 

All users become part of a team so that they can get the most out of the platform and collaborate with their colleagues.

Once you have a verified Cloudscene account and you have successfully joined a corporate team, you’ll be able to search Cloudscene’s platform, and create and manage listings on Cloudscene Marketplace.

Please note that due to our latest product release, your permissions may have changed. This can easily be rectified by someone with Team Management permissions on your team. If you need help regarding your permissions, please contact us here.

To access the team permissions follow the steps:

1. Log in to Cloudscene

2. Click your profile avatar on the top right hand corner of the screen

3. Click on My Company

4. Click on Team members on the left had side, and select the team member you would like to view/edit.

Team Member Permissions on Cloudscene Explained

This level of general seller permissions enables you to respond to public listings on Cloudscene Marketplace. Specifically, you can:

  • Intend to bid and submit bids on public Marketplace listings on behalf of your company
  • Assign a public listing to yourself or another team member to manage and quote for the buyer

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This level of general seller permissions enables you to respond to listings your company has been invited to on Cloudscene Marketplace. Specifically, you can:

  • Indicate that you intend to bid on a listing that your company is invited to quote
  • Decline (provide a ‘No Bid’ response) to a quote request
  • Respond to invited quote requests on behalf of your company
  • Assign a listing to another team member

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With Sales Management permissions, you have comprehensive capabilities for managing the leads your company receives and collaborating with your sales team. Specifically, you can:

  • Receive email notifications on behalf of your company that alert you to new opportunities (you can set this by region, so you only receive notifications most relevant to you/your role)
  • Assign incoming quote requests to team members for them to action
  • See your company’s opportunities by team members including the status (intend to bid, awaiting bid, no bid, bid received) and the details of the bids submitted.

With Procurement Management permissions, you can collaborate with team members on your company’s marketplace listings. Specifically, you can:

  • View and edit Marketplace listings created by your team on Cloudscene
  • Reassign a listing to a team member who is not currently the listing owner to take over responsibility for that listing
  • View listings that have been created by other members of your team including all bids submitted by service providers on those listings
  • Update and/or end a Marketplace listing that another team member owns

With Team Management permissions, you have complete control over the permissions of your team members within the company team. Specifically, you can:

  • – Update the permissions of all team members
  • – Invite new team members to join your company team
  • – Remove members from your company team

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With permissions to edit your company assets, you have the ability to manage the way that your company is presented on Cloudscene and ensure all company data is accurate on the Cloudscene platform. Specially, you can:

  • – Edit and update your company’s service provider profile
  • – Add relevant data to Cloudscene that reflects accurately on your company

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