What are the differences between a Quote Request and a Marketplace Lead?

Quote Requests

A Quote Request is generated when a Cloudscene user clicks ‘Request a Quote’ located on any one of asset pages (data centers, service providers or network fabrics) that your corporate account manages. A Quote Request is sent only to your corporate account and not to any other service providers on Cloudscene. All Quote Requests for your corporate account will be listed under the ‘Quotes’ tab within your corporate account.

Marketplace Leads

A Marketplace Lead is generated when a Cloudscene user creates a Marketplace Buy Listing either through the Marketplace page or through Cloudscene’s Pathfinder. A Marketplace Lead can be either public or private, which means that it may be open to all service providers (public) or it may be sent only to a few providers (private) based on what the user has selected. Marketplace Leads are not listed within your corporate account unless they are private. If the Marketplace Lead is private it will appear in your ‘Quotes’ tab on the corporate account.