We’ve simplified the way you connect on Cloudscene’s Marketplace.

We’ve simplified the way you connect on Cloudscene’s Marketplace!

Based on feedback from our clients, we’ve made it even easier for buyers and sellers to connect on Cloudscene Marketplace. We’ve upgraded our current platform by adding an “I’m Interested” and “Pass” buttons to make the procurement process as seamless as possible. These features enable buyers to connect with the right providers more easily, and vendors are more conveniently alerted when a buyer is interested in their quote.


What are the changes for Buyers?

For buyers, this new update means that if you like a bid, you can let the service provider know by pressing “I’m interested.”Once a buyer has selected “I’m Interested” they will be asked to consent to their contact details being shared with the seller, and the sellers details will also be exchanged.. Essentially, the button is there to let us know you’re willing to receive communication from this supplier, once it’s clicked it’s all easy and open communication from there!

The “Pass” button is an equally valuable feature, as it lets vendors know quickly and easily that a buyer won’t be progressing with a quote – removing unwanted follow-up communication. To let a vendor know you’re not interested in their bid, simply press “Pass”. You will then be prompted to provide some feedback as to why you passed on the bid to help sellers understand and improve their responses in the future. 

What are the changes for Sellers?

A new feature has also been added for service providers called Qualified Opportunities. When a buyer expresses interest in a bid by clicking the “I’m Interested” button, the opportunity will be moved into the new Qualified Opportunities section of My Marketplace, under the ‘Sell’ menu. Conversely, if a buyer passes on your bid it will automatically be moved into the Unsuccessful tab to let you know that the bid won’t be progressing further. 

Previously, sellers would not have been able to view prospective buyers’ contact details unless their bid was successful. The Qualified Opportunities feature facilitates better communication and negotiation between buyers and sellers. While the Unsuccessful tab helps sellers keep track of their opportunities. 

We are continually trying to improve and streamline the Cloudscene experience to ensure the process is as efficient as possible. Your feedback is incredibly valuable, so if you have any comments, please let us know what you think!