My listing is about to expire and a service provider I’ve invited hasn’t bid yet. What can I do?

We value transparent communication and interactions between buyers and sellers on Cloudscene Marketplace and we give service providers many options for responding to a buyer’s listings, whether that’s providing an indication that they intend to bid, submitting a bid, or decline and providing a ‘No Bid’ response. We try to ensure that you know the status of your listing’s progress at all times.

If a service provider has been invited to bid on your listing, they will receive email communications prompting them to respond to you ASAP.

If, however, a service provider has ‘intended to bid’ on your listing following this invitation and is yet to provide a bid within 48 hours of your listing’s expiry date, they will receive email communications to remind them to provide a quote.

You’ll can track when a service provider has not responded in My Marketplace:

  1. Click on the listing you want to view
  2. Scroll down to the bottom to view all of the service providers who have been invited to bid on the listing
  3. You’ll see ‘No Response’ beside any service provider that is yet to bid on your listing
  4. Once they have provided a bid on your listing, they will move under the Bids tab for that listing

If you still haven’t received a quote once your listing has expired, it is likely that the service provider in question will not be providing a response – we can get in touch with the vendor to learn more about why this might have happened. You can contact us here if you’d like us to do so.