I’m not listed on Cloud Pathfinder. How do I add or update my data?

Cloud Pathfinder incorporates on-net building data supplied by service providers and is backed by Cloudscene’s independent directory of data centers, service providers, network fabrics, and cloud on-ramps.

On-net building lists can be supplied to Cloudscene via excel spreadsheet, KMZ/KML, API, or .JSON file.

A preferred data schema is available and Cloudscene will coordinate the cleansing and/or addition of latitude/longitude information where required. However, Cloudscene is flexible and willing to work on a case-by-case basis with service providers/operators to make the process of supplying data as seamless as possible.

Please note: Cloudscene does not store or display fiber paths. At this point in time, our users will be presented with results relating to service provider options from/to a certain location only.

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