I have many PoPs that share the same services. How do I update them quickly?

If you have many points of presence that share the same list of services you can quickly update each PoP by using a service template. This allows you to select multiple services without having to click each service individually. 

To create a service template follow the steps below:

  • Log in to Cloudscene with a user account that is part of the corporate team that manages your service provider profile (refer to claiming)
  • Visit your service provider profile
  • Click Edit this Service Provider located under the address details for the page
  • Click on Points of Presence across the horizontal menu
  • Click Edit on the PoP that you wish to add service information
  • Click Select a service template and select Create a new service template
  • Click on Enter New Service Template Name and name your new service template
  • Select the services that are present within the template (via the categories; Network, Remote Hands, IaaS, Colocation and Voice)
  • Click Save

To update future PoPs with your new template click on Select a service template and the drop down menu will contain your new template. Select that template to prefill the information.