I don’t have a Cloudscene account but I’ve been invited to quote a listing. What does this mean?

If you’ve received an email inviting you to join your team and provide a quote for a listing on Cloudscene, great news! You’ve got a new lead waiting for you from an informed buyer of network services.

When you receive a lead through Cloudscene, this means you’ve been invited to bid on an RFQ created by a buyer on Cloudscene’s Marketplace. 

The lead you’ve received could be a public listing for the open market, a private listing for a select group of providers or a quote request meant just for your organization. 

Alternatively, you could be an approved vendor for the organization, receiving a direct request from your customer through Cloudscene to help the buyer streamline their procurement process.

Whichever way you receive a lead, the RFQ has been through an initial qualifying process with the Cloudscene Customer Success team and is now being sent to you because the buyer is ready to receive budgetary pricing. 

With a Cloudscene account, you can accept or decline this opportunity, find more leads, and manage your sales activities from start to finish on Marketplace. Create an account and start working with your team to drive sales for your business.

So, what’s next? Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Go to the email you received inviting you to join and click on ‘Create an Account’ or simply go to https://accounts.cloudscene.com/join
  2. Create a free account (you will be placed on your company team automatically).
  3. Go to My Marketplace which is found in the dropdown menu when you click on your profile icon in the top right-hand corner of Cloudscene.
  4. You’ll find the opportunity that’s been assigned to you (i.e. the buyer listing you’ve been asked to quote) in the Sell section.
  5. If you’re ready to provide a quote for the buyer, click on the listing and click ‘Intend to Bid’ in the top right-hand corner to let the buyer know you will be quoting their listing.
  6. If you cannot provide a quote for the listing, click the ‘No Bid’ button in the top right-hand corner of the listing, and follow the prompts to provide a reason to the buyer as to why you’ve chosen to give a ‘No Bid’ response.
  7. Once you’ve intended to bid, you can now provide your quote. Scroll down to the quoting tool at the bottom, and fill out the details.
  8. Read our guide for best practices on how to respond to a listing if you need help.
  9. Submit your bid and this opportunity will be marked as ‘Bid Submitted’ and will move into the Pending Buyer Decision section in My Marketplace.
  10. You will be notified in due course from the buyer as to whether or not your quote was successful.
  11. Feel free to browse all buyer listings on Marketplace to find more opportunities.

If you have any further questions about being added to a team on Cloudscene, how to submit a bid, or how Cloudscene works, feel free to get in touch with our friendly support team.