How to update your service offering on Cloudscene

There are two ways that you can update your service provider profile on Cloudscene. You can:

1. Submit the changes you require to the Cloudscene support team

2. Directly add the PoPs to Cloudscene through your Cloudscene corporate team 

You can list the following services on Cloudscene:

  • 1. IP Transit
  • 2. Dark Fiber
  • 3. xDSL
  • 4. Intercapital Capacity
  • 5. DDoS Protection
  • 6. Cloud On-ramps
  • 7. WAN
  • 8. Metro Ethernet
  • 9. Firewall
  • 10. International Capacity
  • 11. Internet Exchange (IX)
  • 12. Network – Other
  • 13. Smart Hands
  • 14. Remote Hands
  • 15. IaaS – Compute
  • 16. IaaS – Storage
  • 17. IaaS – Backup
  • 18. IaaS – Dedicated Servers
  • 19. Colocation – Suite/Cage
  • 20. Colocation – Secured Full Rack
  • 21. Colocation – Secured Sub Rack
  • 22. Colocation – RU Space
  • 23. Voice – SIP Trunk
  • 24. Voice – PSTN
  • 25. Voice – PBX

Submitting changes to the Cloudscene support team

To submit service offering changes that you want made to your service provider profile email with the following information for each offering:

  • 1. Data center name/data center address
  • 2. Data center operator
  • 3. Data center website
  • 4. List of services offered (as per the services above)

Changes that you submit to can take up to several business days before they appear publicly on the Cloudscene platform, depending on the number of updates submitted.

Directly adding services to PoPs on your service provider profile

If you have claimed your service provider profile on Cloudscene you can make changes directly to your profile. If you haven’t claimed your profile you can do so via this link.

Submitting changes to Cloudscene directly

To add a service to your PoPs on your service provider profile directly:

  • 1. Log in to Cloudscene
  • 2. Visit your service provider profile
  • 3. Click on the blue button under the address details labelled Edit this Profile
  • 4. Along the top menu bar click on Points of Presence
  • 5. Click Edit beside the PoP you desire to update with a service
  • 6. Click on a header category (i.e. Network, Remote Hands, etc) to open it’s subcategories. Click on each subcategory service you provide at the PoP (if the selection you have made is the same across many PoPs click Select a service template and create a new service template followed by typing in the name of the template – after saving you can select this template to prefill your services)
  • 7. Click Save
  • 8. Repeat steps 5-7 until you are finished updating the services you offer at each location9. Click Save all Changes