How to update your service offering on Cloudscene

To update your service provider profile on Cloudscene you will need to claim your Service Provider profile. If you have not claimed your service provider profile, please follow these steps.

After claiming your service provider profile, follow the steps below to update your service offering:

  • Log in to Cloudscene with a user account that is part of the corporate team that manages your service provider profile.
  • Visit your Service Provider profile
  • Click Edit this Service Provider located under the address details for the page
  • Click on Points of Presence across the horizontal menu
  • Click Edit on the PoP that you wish to add service information
  • Use the Select a service template option to auto-populate your service information or, alternatively, left click on the categories (Network, Remote Hands, IaaS, Colocation and Voice) to update individual services
  • Click Save when you are finished
  • Click Save All Changes once you have completed updating all your service information

All data changes go through an approval process which can take up to 24 hours before they appear publicly on the Cloudscene website.