How to shortlist service providers

When sourcing services on Cloudscene Marketplace, you can compare quotes from multiple different service providers, globally. Selecting the optimum vendor to fulfil your company’s requirements might require some consideration. The good news is that you can shortlist service providers as you receive their quotes to help manage your decision.

To shortlist service providers, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Cloudscene account and go to the source section of My Marketplace
  2. Go to the Listings tab on the left-hand side to see all of your active listings
  3. Click on the listing for which you wish to view quotes and shortlist service providers
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the listing where you’ll find the Bids tab – this details all service provider who have provided a quote for this listing

5. Click on Bids and you’ll have the options to View Bid, Shortlist, or mark Unsuccessful for each service provider

6. Click Shortlist for each service provider you wish to move to the next stage of the selection process. They’ll be notified that they’ve been shortlisted for your listing

7. You’ll see each shortlisted service provider now under the Shortlisted tab