How to connect with service providers in multiple different markets

Cloudscene Marketplace is built on the most comprehensive industry data for network services available. This means that when you source services on Marketplace, you gain access to thousands of different service providers in markets, globally. When you create listings for your requirements, you’ll have the opportunity to match with vendors across North America, Latin America, EMEA, Oceania, and more.

To find vendors and source services in various markets, take the following steps:

  1. Start creating a Marketplace listing (you must be logged in to do so)

2. Add your listing details and service requirements (remember to be as detailed as possible to enable service providers to provide an accurate quote)

3. Add the markets in which you require services (you can add up to 10 per listing). If your listing is public, any service provider who can fulfil your chosen services in these markets will be notified and can go ahead and respond to your listing. If your listing is private, it will only go to the service providers your specify in the next step.

4. Choose the service providers you wish to invite to bid on your listing. You can select up to 20 per listing. We’ll list those that are available in your chosen markets under ‘matched providers’ to make it easier for you to understand who can likely fulfil your services.

5. Finish creating your listing and select ‘Publish Listing’. Your quote request will now be sent to your chosen service providers (and will be viewable on Marketplace if your listing is set to public) in the markets you’re looking to connect in.

For more information on different regions and to gain more data insights into specific markets, go to Cloudscene Search.