How to add a product brochure to your Promoted Profile on Cloudscene

You can add a product brochure to your listing once you sign up to Promoted Profile. To add a product brochure it must meet the following requirements:

  • 1. It must be a PDF file; and
  • 2. It must not exceed 2MB in file size

If you need help with the layout of your listing, please reach out to us.

  • 1. Log in to Cloudscene
  • 2. Visit the service provider or data center page that you want to add a brochure to
  • 3. Click Edit this Service Provider/Data Center
  • 4. Under the Product Brochures tab, you will either see a series of product brochures you have previously loaded or a ‘+’ symbol to upload new ones.
  • 5. Click the ‘+’ symbol and a pop up will appear.
  • 6. Click upload to add your Product Brochure (max 2mb).
  • 7. Also add your Product Name.
  • 9. Click DONE.
  • 10. Click Save & Update.

All updates go through an approval process which can take up to one business day. Once the update has been approved it will appear publicly on Cloudscene.