How do I update my company logo?

There are two sections where you can upload a logo on Cloudscene. Both are separate and you will have to update each individually if you want your logo to display correctly. You can upload your logo for your:

  • – Service provider profile; and
  • – Corporate team

Updating Service Provider Profile Logo

The logo that appears on service provider, data center and network fabric profiles is managed by your service provider profile. The logo image must be either a PNG or JPEG file. 

To upload a logo to your service provider profile, follow the instructions below:

  • 1. Log in to Cloudscene
  • 2. Visit your service provider page and click Edit this Service Provider
  • 3. Click on the Media tab on the menu
  • 4. If an existing logo exists, click X on the existing image to remove it, then drag and drop the new image onto the box or click on the box to search for the new logo
  • 5. Click Save all Changes

Updating the service provider profile logo goes through an approval process. This can take up to one business day to appear publicly.

Updating Corporate Team Logo

The corporate team logo appears on all listings created and responded to by your organization. 

To upload a logo to your corporate team, you will need to have Team Management permissions. Follow the instructions below to change the corporate team logo:

  • 1. Log in to Cloudscene
  • 2. Click on the user icon in the top right corner of the page
  • 3. Click on your corporate team name under My Companies
  • 4. Under the Details tab, just above Save Changes either a logo box will appear or your logo will appear (if a logo already exists, click on the X to remove the old logo)
  • 5. Drag and drop the new logo onto that box or left click on the box to find the logo in your computer files
  • 6. Click Save Changes

The corporate team logo becomes visible immediately upon updating it.