How do I subscribe to market notifications for a particular city, metro, or country?

You can subscribe to market notifications for any market on Cloudscene. Market notifications provide you with an email (maximum of one per day) that summarizes any updates that have taken place in your market/s of interest.

This can include new data centers, PoPs or service providers.

market can be a country (eg. Brazil), a group of tightly located cities (eg. The Bay Area in California) or a city (eg. Sydney).

To subscribe to Cloudscene market notifications, follow the steps below:

1. Log in to Cloudscene

2. Search and select the market you are interested in getting alerts and notifications for

3. Click on the alerts button located on the page

4. After clicking it, the button will change, and the alerts will be turned on

5. To view and manage all of your alerts, click your avatar in the top right hand corner

6. Click onMy Profile

7. Click on Alerts on the left had side menu