How do I start sourcing services on Marketplace?

Cloudscene Marketplace enables buyers of network services to connect with, request, and manage quotes from global service providers to fulfil their requirements.

Once you have signed up for a Cloudscene account, you can begin sourcing by creating a listing on Cloudscene Marketplace that details your network needs and enables service providers, including your preferred vendors if you wish, to respond and provide quotes.

Creating a Marketplace Listing

To publish a listing on Cloudscene, you first need to ensure you have a Cloudscene account. It’s free to join; click here to set up an account with us. 

Before you begin your listing, consider the level of access you would like service providers to have. There are two types of listings available to create:

Public – A public listing is published on Cloudscene Marketplace and viewable by anyone with a Cloudscene account. This means all available service providers can respond to and quote your listing.

Public listings are valuable for those companies that would like the maximum amount of quotes from a variety of different service providers to fulfil their requirements and those that are unsure of which service providers to connect to.

Private –  A private listing is only visible to the service providers you invite to respond. This means that no other vendors have the opportunity to quote your requirements and only the suppliers you invite will see your company name.

Private listings are valuable for those companies that want to compare offerings and pricing between a select few of their preferred suppliers without opening up their listing to all available service providers.

Create your listing details

  1. Create a listing title: The title of your listing determines how it will appear to service providers who may respond to you. It should describe your requirements at a high level with some key details. We recommend including the markets you are connecting in and the services you require to maximize your responses – e.g. IP Transit and Colocation in Chicago.
  2. Select the listing start and end dates: These dates determine how long your listing will appear on Marketplace. We recommend making a listing active for at least two weeks to maximize your exposure.
  3. Select your listing type: Here’s where you can select whether you’d like your listing to be public or private.

Add your service requirements

Services that you can source on Cloudscene Marketplace include: Colocation, dark fiber, ethernet, internet access, IP Transit, and more.

  1. In the Service Requirements section, click on the Add Services button.
  2. Select the type of service you would like to source, e.g. Colocation.
  3. Fill in the details for your service. If you have more specific technical requirements you would like to share, you can click Advanced Options and will be prompted to add additional details..
  4. If you have any further details or clarification to pass onto providers about this specific service, you can add this info in the Additional Notes section.
  5. If you have additional services you would like to add, click the Add Services button again. You can do this for as many services as you require. When you’re done adding services, you can proceed to the Markets section.

Specify your markets 

Specifying a market lets service providers know in which country and/or city the services will be required. You can specify up to 10 separate markets per listing.

If your listing is public, specifying a market will alert each service provider available in that market that you wish to hear from them. If your listing is private, only the providers you select in the Service Providers section will be able to see your listing, regardless of which market(s) you select.

Select service providers

If your listing is public, and you would like to receive quotes from all eligible providers in your selected market(s), you can leave this section blank. Otherwise, you can use this section to select specific service providers you wish to alert about your Marketplace listing.

Invite approved vendors and preferred contacts

Our vendor management system enables you to invite your approved vendors and preferred contacts from specific service providers to receive a request to quote your requirements. For example, you may wish to invite your current account manager at a data center operator to include them in the bidding process while reaching out to the open market for more pricing options. You can do this easily by clicking Add New Vendor Contact when you’re selecting service providers to invite to your listing.

Add attachments

Here, you can provide documentation such as spreadsheets to support your requirements. This may help service providers understand your service needs in more technical detail and therefore, provide a more accurate bid on your listing.

Include any additional information

The final section allows you to add any additional information to your listing – e.g. I require a (specified) minimum SLA on uptime for colocated infrastructure / I require uncontested connectivity on my requested route.

Publish your listing

  1. Click on the checkbox at the bottom of the page to confirm the terms and conditions.
  2. Click the Publish button. Your listing will now go live on Marketplace and/or be sent to the service providers you’ve invited to respond.

Hot tips for creating a listing
  • Ensure you’ve added as much detail as possible to your listing so that service providers are more likely to be able to quote your requirements accurately. 
  • Add documentation to support your requirements where you can so service providers can understand the tech specs of your project and where your requirements sit within this.
  • If you have confidential requirements but still would like to create a public listing, you can utilize the Cloudscene Concierge Service where we manage your listing for you. This way, your company name will display “Cloudscene Managed Quote” and nobody will be able to identify your organization.

If you need more help with sourcing on Cloudscene Marketplace, feel free to reach out to our support team, we’re happy to assist you.