How do I start selling services on Marketplace?

To submit a bid on Cloudscene, you first need to ensure you have a Cloudscene account. It’s free to join; click here to set-up an account with us. 

You should make sure your company profile information and company data are up to date (provided you have team permissions allowing you to edit company assets) so that buyers sourcing services on Marketplace can find you and more accurately be matched with you when they submit their requirements. This could mean more leads for your organization. Here are a few handy articles that will tell you how to do this:

Now, it’s time to start browsing Marketplace listings and responding to RFQs.

If you’ve been invited to bid on a Marketplace listing, you will have received a link to the RFQ details. Simply click on the link (you’ll be asked to log in if you haven’t already) and read through the buyer’s requirements to ensure you can service the customer. 

You can also bid on public listings simply by browsing Cloudscene Marketplace for requirements your organization can fulfil. You can search all listings by service type, market, city, and chose to include public sector tenders if you wish. Then, simply click on a listing link, and following the steps to first register your intent to bid and then provide a quote.

If you can fulfil the requirements, responding to the RFQ is as easy as completing the form at the bottom of the listing and attaching any additional documentation requested by the buyer. It’s important to enter a complete, clear, detailed and valuable response for the buyer in all four fields and to attach all requested documentation. 

Responses to buyers that do not meet these requirements may be rejected by Cloudscene. If your response is rejected, we will email you explaining why to give you the opportunity to rectify it. If you have any questions about a listing being rejected, please email

You can read about the best practices for responding to Marketplace listings here.