How do I purchase a promoted profile subscription?

If you are intersted in gaining more exposure to new potential customers on Cloudscene, you can turn on promoted profile.

You’ll gain acces to better profile analytics and more exposure for your data centers and Points of Presence.

To turn on Promoted profile, follow these steps”

1. Log in to Cloudscene

2. Click on your Profile Avatar in the top right had corner.

3. Click on My Company

4. Click on Account – Promoted Profile on the left had side menu

Promoted Profile Pricing Structure

1 Month12 Months (50% discount)
0-5 PoP’s and/or Data Centers$200 USD p/mth$100 USD p/mth
6-10 PoP’s and/or Data Centers$1000 USD p/mth$500 USD p/mth
11-25 PoP’s and/or Data Centers$1700 USD p/mth$850 USD p/mth
26-100 PoP’s and/or Data Centers$3000 USD p/mth$1500 USD p/mth
101+ PoP’s and/or Data Centers$4000 USD p/mth$2000 USD p/mth


When you select Upgrade on one of the subscriptions, you will be taken to the payment gateway.

After subscribing, you will be sent the receipt via email that is linked to your company