How do I invite additional service providers to respond to my Cloud Pathfinder quote request?

You can expand your search even further by inviting additional service providers to respond to your quote request.

  • 3. Select your quote request from the My Listings tab to access your quote request in edit mode.

  • 4. The Invited section shows the service providers you have already contacted.
  • 5. Click +Add to select from a list of other service providers to request quotations from.

  • 6. Use the search bar to look for any additional providers you would like to invite to respond to your listing.

  • 7. Click the Select button next to the provider you wish to add (you can select up to 10 service providers, if you’d like to see what you’ve currently selected click on the count in the top left as per the image below)

  • 8. Click Send Invite. You can select multiple providers and do multiple searches, before clicking the Send Invite button.

  • 9. A confirmation window will pop up to let you know your invite has been sent. Click Done to exit the window.
  • 10.When inviting service providers to quote your listing, you can allocate a key vendor contact to receive the quote request. If you choose not to allocate a contact, this will be sent by default to the contact the vendor has chosen on Cloudscene.