Can the Cloudscene team manage my network procurement on the platform for me?

If you’d like support with the management of your network procurement process, Cloudscene offers Procure+, a comprehensive sourcing management service delivered to you by our experienced team of industry professionals. 

With Procure+, we support you in sourcing the network services you need for your next project, to set up your business, or simply to keep your organization running. 

What’s included with Procure+?

Offering complete management from design and upload of your RFQ to bid management, our team will create and manage your Marketplace listings to your requirements, and provide support based on market research, data, and industry knowledge to meet your metrics.

Our basic option includes the following services:

  • – Design and upload of service requirements, based on the information you provide to us
  • – Market research using Cloudscene’s market intelligence data as required
  • – Meet with target service providers to attract bids, if needed
  • – Bid review/screening based on your criteria
  • – Listing management and communication with sellers who intend to bid, have bid, or indicated no bid

For pricing and a full breakdown of Procure+ options and inclusions, visit our dedicated webpage.

How does it work?

We undertake your procurement activity on the Cloudscene platform on your behalf based on your requirements and the decisions you make for your business each step of the way. Here’s the process:

  1. Understanding your requirements: You let us know which network services you need to build and grow your business.
  2. Creating a tailored plan: We collaborate on a tailored sourcing plan to confirm the services we’ll procure for you.
  3. Marketplace listings published: We’ll create and publish private and/or open Marketplace listing/s on your behalf.
  4. Match-making with vendors: Service providers who meet your criteria are invited to provide quotes. We’ll liaise with target service providers during this process.
  5. Qualifying bids: Service providers bid on your opportunities and our team vets bids against your requirements. Once the bid process closes at the listing expiry date, you’ll be able to review all qualifying bids.
  6. Asking questions along the way: We support both buyers and sellers with any questions regarding requirements and/or bids along the way.
  7. Supporting your selection: We’ll manage the process of notifying unsuccessful service providers and selecting the service provider you have chosen, and provide other platform support as needed. 

How will your team ensure we connect with the right vendors?

Our platform is built on the most comprehensive market intelligence and data for network services, sourced straight from the industry. It intuitively match-makes your requirements with the optimum service providers based on your preferred markets.

Our team is made up of highly-experienced industry professionals who will work with and support the vendors that can meet your requirements and help you to achieve your goals. 

How do I organize service fulfillment after the procurement process?

Once we’ve been through the process of searching for the right vendors to meet your requirements, and you’ve made your selection, those vendors will be notified of your choice via email and in their account on the Cloudscene platform. They’ll be sent your supplied contact details and it’s then their responsibility to reach out to you to organize service fulfillment outside of the platform. 

How do I get started with Procure+?

Easy! Get in touch with our team here to get started with enlisting Cloudscene to manage your network procurement.