What are the Best Practices for Responding to Buyers on Cloudscene?

When you receive a lead through Cloudscene, this means you’ve been invited to bid on an RFQ created by a buyer on Cloudscene’s Marketplace. 

The lead you’ve received could be a public listing for the open market, a private listing for a select group of providers or a quote request meant just for your organization.

Alternatively, you could be an approved vendor for the organization, receiving a direct request from your customer through Cloudscene to help the buyer streamline their procurement process.

Whichever way you receive a lead from us, the RFQ has been through an initial qualifying process with the Cloudscene Customer Success team and is now being sent to you because the buyer is ready to receive budgetary pricing.

In this guide, we cover best practices and tips for submitting a high-quality response that will deliver a customer-first experience for the buyer and, importantly, increase the likelihood of you being awarded the opportunity.

#1 How to Submit a Bid

To submit a bid on Cloudscene, you first need to ensure you have a Cloudscene account. It’s free to join; click here to set-up an account with us. 

If you’ve been invited to bid on a Marketplace listing, you’ll most likely have a link to the RFQ details. Simply click on the link (you’ll be asked to log in if you haven’t already) and read through the buyer’s requirements to ensure you can service the customer.

If you can fulfil the requirements, responding to the RFQ is as easy as completing the form at the bottom of the listing. It’s important to enter a clear, detailed and valuable response for the buyer in all four fields.

Note: you can also upload up to five attachments at 5MB per file. If you require any support during the bidding process, please email marketplace@cloudscene.com. We’re here to help!

#2 Hot Tips for Successful Bids

Try to respond as quickly as possible to the Marketplace listing. We recommend aiming for a response to the buyer within two business days. Service providers who bid quickly with a high-quality response increase the likelihood of being invited to the final discussion phase.

Be sure to check the expiry of the Marketplace listing at the time of receipt to ensure you don’t miss the deadline for receiving bids.

If you are unable to fulfil the service, we highly recommend letting the buyer know by indicating that your organization is a ‘no bid’ for the listing via the response form. You can respond with “No bid” in the response form fields.

Please ensure you read the buyer’s requirements carefully and construct a response to each point. Be sure to supply attachments if requested and address the budgetary price, lead time and terms and conditions in your response based on the buyer’s requirements.

Buyers on Cloudscene are more likely to select a service provider who supplies pricing in their Marketplace listing response. We suggest that you provide a detailed and accurate quote for services within your response. Otherwise, we suggest that you give the buyer an estimated quote (and be transparent about the estimation) and then follow up later with a more accurate quote.

Provide a realistic estimate on the installation date and lead time needed to fulfil the buyer’s requirements. State whether or not you can fulfil the RFS date clearly in the response form.

Ensure you address any additional information that is critical to fulfilling the buyer’s listing requirements. This might include the terms of the supplied quote, any additional options you can provide, or specific exclusions that you want to call out. You can attach terms and conditions within the response form, also.

When writing your response:

  1. Use plain language to ensure the buyer knows exactly what you can offer
  2. Structure your text in a way that is easy to read – for example, in a similar order to the listing requirement specifications
  3. Be as precise as possible, especially when stating numerical data, e.g Monthly Recurring Charges

Note: You do not need to include contact information as this will automatically be shared with the buyer as part of your response.

For reference, here is an example of a high-quality Marketplace listing response:

If the listing mentions submitting a bid with specific documentation, please ensure you supply the necessary information before you respond.

#3 FAQs

You may find that even your customers will request pricing from you via Cloudscene’s Marketplace. Responding through the Cloudscene platform will help your customer streamline their sourcing process by receiving pricing and managing communications with you in an entirely digital way. Therefore, please respond with a quotation via the response form with budgetary pricing, lead time and terms & conditions.

Cloudscene does not charge a commission or referral fee for leads generated through our platform.  Our role in this process is to bring together the buyers and sellers into one independent and neutral digital marketplace, which is backed by the most extensive industry data and market intelligence worldwide.

We’re here to support you in generating more leads and successfully winning new business on our platform.

If a buyer has not listed their contact details on the marketplace listing, then we are not able to share this information with you. Rest assured when you submit an approved marketplace response, that your bid is going directly to the customer.

The Customer Success Team at Cloudscene has qualified the buyer and ensured that all of the information required in order to submit a bid is available to you. If you need more information on the buyer, please contact marketplace@cloudscene.com with your questions/s and provide the link to the listing you’re referring to. A Customer Success Manager will be in touch ASAP to assist you.

To receive marketplace invitations to bid, you need to have access to the corporate team on Cloudscene and the required permissions turned on. Contact your team Administrator about your permissions or reach out to Cloudscene support for assistance.

If you’re in need of more information before submitting a bid, please contact marketplace@cloudscene.com with your questions/s and provide the link to the listing you’re referring to. A Customer Success Manager will be in touch ASAP to assist you.

To find out more about Cloudscene’s Marketplace or to request a demo, contact our friendly team here or visit our Knowledge Base for more technical support.